10 Best Digital Hygrometers – Reviews & Guide

Sometimes referred to as ‘humidity gauges’, the majority of digital hygrometers people use are commonly used to measure the air humidity level inside a room. As you can imagine, there are multiple types of hygrometers and they each come with their own particularities. This isn’t to say that they are all that different from one another, especially considering that most of them serve the same general function, although some of them are built to meet different standards than others.

In this respect, we should point out that some hygrometers are electric or digital and that they are operated slightly differently based on their design and interface. With that in mind, let us take a look at the ten best digital hygrometers the market has to offer at this point in time so that we may gain a better understanding of what’s out there.

Digital Hygrometers, Reviews

#10 Extech 445580 Humidity and Temperature Meter

Extech 445580 Humidity and Temperature Meter

The Extech 445580 Humidity and Temperature Meter is a portable digital thermometer designed to look like a pen. Built to provide you with relative humidity measurements between10 to 90%, it also provides you with temperature measurements that range between 32 to 122 F (0 to 50 C).

Built from sturdy materials, it features a convenient pocket clip and fits into your pocket with ease. Delivering a minimum and maximum measurement of humidity and temperature, it is easy to operate and features an automatic shut off function that helps preserve battery life.

#9 VIVOSUN Digital Indoor Thermometer & Hygrometer

VIVOSUN Digital Indoor Thermometer & Hygrometer

Designed to provide you with the current temperature and humidity conditions around you, the VIVOSUN Digital Indoor Thermometer & Hygrometer is a multipurpose device that is super accurate. Equipped with a special sensitive sensor, it not only monitors the humidity and temperature but also controls it the exactness within ±1℃/±1.2ºF for temperature and within ±5% RH for humidity.

Made from high-quality materials, the device comes with a sturdy desktop stand along with a robust magnet on the back that allows you to attach it to your fridge. Thanks to its convenient hanging hole, it can also be placed near the door or window with ease.

#8 Honeywell Humidity Monitor

Honeywell Humidity Monitor

The Honeywell Humidity Monitor is a compact size, durable and reliable device that is engineered to provide you with detailed humidity information. Designed to confirm when the right level of humidity is reached, it comes with a large size LED display screen that shows you the humidity and room temperatures.

Ideal for indoor use, it is powered by a single AAA battery and displays temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celcius. Built from durable materials, it features a clamshell design and can be displayed on your tabletop, shelf or mantle.

#7 Neoteck Digital Thermometer Hygrometer

Neoteck Digital Thermometer Hygrometer

The Neoteck Digital Thermometer Hygrometer is a 2-in-1 digital device that is designed to provide accurate measurements of the outdoor temperature and humidity levels. Featuring an inbuilt 9.8ft sensor wire, it includes a handy clock function and a large LCD screen.

Ideal for managing the air conditioning at home, the office, laboratory, hospitals, hotel rooms and more, this device comes with a temperature range that goes between 0 to 50 Celsius degree and 32 to 122 Fahrenheit.

Built from heavy-duty plastic, it is compact and includes a convenient back stand and hanging hole. Equipped with 5 individual buttons, it is easy to control and comes with a time debug, a comfort indicator and a reset key.

#6 Mengshen Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter

Mengshen Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter

The Mengshen Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter is a portable device that accurately measures the environment around you including the humidity level, temperature, dew point, and wet bulb temperature. Easy to use, it comes designed with a convenient switch that allows you to choose your unit of measurement between °C and °F.

Thanks to its automatic shut off function, the device turns itself off if unused for a few minutes, in turn helping to save battery life. Made from durable materials, it features a robust outer casing that is resistant to damage and a large LCD backlit screen that offers clear visibility in low light conditions.

#5 AikTryee Mini Hygrometer

AikTryee Mini Hygrometer

Ideal for use at home, in the garden, cellar, garage or closet, the AikTryee Mini Hygrometer is a reliable device that offers you accurate temperature and humidity readings. Delivering precise measurements, it offers a temperature measurement accuracy of ±1℉ and a humidity accuracy of ±2%RH.

Suitable for indoor use, it is designed to measure temperatures at a range of -58℉-158℉ and humidity at a range of 10%-99%RH. Easy to use, it is designed with a large LCD screen and provides readings within 1 degree. Backed up by 2 LR44 button batteries, it provides up to 8 months of consistent runtime.

#4 Goabroa Mini Hygrometer

Goabroa Mini Hygrometer

The Goabroa Mini Hygrometer is a portable and compact size digital device that is engineered to offer you updated temperature and humidity measurements every 10 seconds. Featuring 4 highly sensitive vents, it offers you with accurate readings while maintaining its precision to +/- 1%.

Featuring a temperature range that goes between -58°F ~ 158°F, it includes a humidity measurement range of 10% RH ~ 95% RH.

Designed with a mini LCD screen, it provides clear visibility of the temperature and humidity levels around you. Ideal for use in guitar cases, incubators, reptile tanks, cigar humidors, brooders and other areas that require monitoring of temperature and humidity, it delivers measurements in degrees Fahrenheit.

#3 AcuRite 00325 Indoor Thermometer & Hygrometer

AcuRite 00325 Indoor Thermometer & Hygrometer

Known for its durability, quality, and performance, the AcuRite 00325 Indoor Thermometer & Hygrometer is a reliable device that is designed to provide you with accurate readings of temperature and humidity levels.

Thanks to its multifunctional design, it features a humidity gauge that helps you monitor the comfort and health of your home.

Built from durable materials, it includes a sturdy back stand that allows you to place it on any tabletop or shelf and a magnet on the back that allows easy attaching onto your refrigerator.

#2 ThermoPro TP55 Digital Hygrometer

ThermoPro TP55 Digital Hygrometer

Equipped with an extra-large 4 inch LCD touch screen display, the ThermoPro TP55 Digital Hygrometer features a blue backlight that offers better visibility in low light conditions. Easy to use, this device features a humidity reader that automatically monitors the current temperature and air conditions around you, allowing you to control the level of humidity in the air.

Beneficial for your skin, healthy and allergies, it provides accurate readings throughout the day and is extremely responsive. Designed to measure the minimum and maximum temperatures and humidity records, it displays updated readings every 10 seconds.

Thanks to its versatile design and construction, it is wall-mountable, can be placed on your tabletop or attached to your fridge with the help of the magnet at the back.

#1 AcuRite 00613 Digital Hygrometer

AcuRite 00613 Digital Hygrometer

The AcuRite 00613 Digital Hygrometer is a high-grade weather instrument that is engineered to monitor indoor temperature and humidity levels. Displaying temperatures in both F and C degrees. Featuring a humidity gauge that allows you to keep a close check on the health and comfort of your home, it comes with 3 settings including low, high and OK.

Made from premium-quality, sturdy materials, it includes a convenient fold-out stand and a clip with a magnet on the back that allows you to attach it to your refrigerator with ease. Offering accurate temperature and humidity measurements, this device is ideal for use at home or in an office environment.

What To Look For In A Digital Hygrometer

Despite the fact that most hygrometers serve the same basic purpose, they are available in quite a variety of models. If all you’re looking for is a device that will tell you the approximate humidity level inside your bedroom or living room, then you don’t really need to overspend on a hygrometer.

If, however, you’re looking for a more advanced device, then you should be prepared to spend at least twenty bucks or so on a decent hygrometer. Needless to say, high-end models are even more expensive than that. Let us then find out what exactly makes a good hygrometer and what features to look for when buying one.


It may seem intuitive for many of you to acquire a device made by a world-renowned brand yet not many people seem to know what exact differences these devices have when compared with basic hygrometers. You need to understand that reputable manufacturer’s design hygrometers that can cost up to $100 or more but that they usually incorporate much better sensors than low-end devices.

Given how there isn’t much you can do to test such a device before committing to a purchase, you should instead get yourself a device made by a reputable brand just to be on the safe side. Other than that, you should pay close attention to the features such a device is advertised to possess.

Features To Look For

Accuracy – It should be pretty obvious that accuracy is by far the most important aspect to consider when investing in a hygrometer of any kind. The accuracy of such a device can vary from one model to another, yet you should always look out for the +/- rating. This refers to the margin of error that the sensor delivers at any given time, which in turn reflects on its overall accuracy. Not just that but bear in mind that models with a smaller +/- rating are usually more expensive for obvious reasons.

Application – Another thing consider is what exactly you need the hygrometer for. It isn’t just the accuracy of the device that should concern you but also the general purpose of the device and how well it meets your household needs. So if you plan on using a hygrometer for your bedroom, then a standard accuracy should do the trick whereas a greenhouse or cellar-bound hygrometer should definitely be more accurate by most standards.

Battery Life – One should also pay close attention to a hygrometer’s battery life upon purchase because you don’t want to keep changing the battery every couple of weeks or so. In this respect, we should point out that a decent hygrometer should perform accurate readings for up to six months on a single charge, but you can expect battery life to decrease depending on how many additional features the device incorporates. It is also useful for such a device to incorporate an AC power source input or the capacity to use rechargeable batteries.

Alerts – With good hygrometers, you get not only clear and responsive alerts but also the capacity to perform remote monitoring and receive constant updates. As such, a decent hygrometer should allow you to monitor your room remotely via mobile apps and specially designed software that sends regular updates to your devices. If you want, you can also set up such an app to send emails or text messages throughout the day; that is if you want to receive regular updates on the humidity inside a room of your choosing.

Sensor Support – It is a very good idea to use more than one sensor if you want to monitor multiple locations at the same time. Fortunately enough, decent hygrometers can definitely operate multiple sensors, up to eight sensors to be more exact. With such a complex and thorough sensor system, you will be able to monitor every single room in your house and even the garage or shed if you really want to. Then again, you shouldn’t expect your average hygrometer to possess such advanced capabilities.

Logging – Interestingly enough, good hygrometers enable you to not only monitor the humidity inside a room or series of rooms but to store the recorded data for days at a time. This way, you gain a better understanding of the humidity level inside your household and how much it fluctuates throughout the day/week. Although basic models do not possess such capabilities, a good one will be able to store logs for up to a whole week before the data gets automatically rewritten with newer recordings.

User Interface – Last but not least, a good device should always deliver accurate and crystal-clear readings, which is why it’s important for the hygrometer of your choosing to incorporate an easy-to-read display and an interface that you can navigate freely. Try to remember that some devices are equipped with a multitude of tweakable features, especially high-end models. So if you’re interested in more than just the humidity levels, then, by all means, opt for a top-shelf hygrometer if you have the budget for it.